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About Christopher

About Christopher

christopherwebsitephoto-1-.jpgIf Stacie Coller brings the yin to our department, then I deliver the yang, basing my spiritual understanding of minerals in both their traditional uses and the latest science.  Outside of the Metaphysical Department, I also lead the geological and paleontological research for Enter the Earth.  Although as a professional tarot card reader, ceremonialist, and energy worker, I swim in the watery intuitive as well.  My primary healing modalities are combining stones with toning, music, and sacred sound, especially Hindu and Buddhist mantras.

I have spent the past seven years making spiritual land art, temporary installations created from found, natural, and recycled materials, at locations across the Midwest and Southeast.  Specific sites were selected to support earth healing, a belief that local ley lines and vortices may be balanced, similar to energy work on the human body. Flower, herb, or stone mandalas are usually involved, geometric arrangements of materials that symbolize wholeness, well being, and blessing across the universe.

I am currently writing my first book, which explores the theories behind contemporary metaphysical properties, actually derived from concepts ranging in age from antiquity to the nineteenth ecentury. Stacie and I are also “reading” the unusual minerals now coming from Madagascar, often difficult or impossible to find in other stone books. We synthesize historical and geological research, crystal deva meditation, and divination methods to discover their metaphysical properties.


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