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About Stacie

About Stacie



My relationship with rocks goes back over 17 years.

Soon after receiving my initial Reiki training, I discovered that when I picked up a rock that I could feel a subtle “hum” within my body. This hum vibration was not unlike the sensation of vibration you might feel with music. In fact, I often describe stones as each having their own special ”note” that can help us tune ourselves to a helpful vibration. Many other shifts happened at the same time and a lot of my learning and discovery revolved around interacting with stones through my own internal guidance in some way. I did read a lot of books, but I was more fond of feeling things out for myself. Coming from an early childhood educational background, the concept of “learning through play” was absolutely a part of the way I “felt out” how to put to efficient use the energy tools that were available.

My personal focus when I work with a new stone, or other energetic resource, is to find a usable energy work activity or practice that can be repeated by others. After many years of doing this kind of work, I wrote the book, “Awake in Angelscape: The Scenic Route to the Sacred Self”. It isn’t a “rock book” so much as a direct energy healing work book, but almost every activity and intention used in the book was produced through ”whispering” a variety of rocks deeply enough that the protocols were able to be developed, shared, tried, and refined over the course of many years.

Other bits about me. Hmm. I do enjoy learning, exploring, teaching, and sharing information. I’ve been a certified hypnotist since I was a teenager and I have been a Reiki Master for quite awhile. I love facilitating workshops because I really enjoy the synergy of many minds in a creative flow. I've taught in a variety of venues, including the Human Consciousness Studies Department, at UNLV, and for the North Carolina Counselors Association. My co-worker, Christopher Lee Matthews, and I currently facilitate regular workshops through Enter the Earth in the Grove Arcade in downtown Asheville, NC. I also enjoy the solitary creative process and often spend time creating energy healing art, jewelry, or whatever else floats my boat on a given day.


If you'd like to drop me an email: stacie@entertheearth.com

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