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Search By Metaphysical Properties

Search By Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical properties of minerals may vary between sources.  We have selected the top five or so categories for each product and made them searchable through the links below:

Abundance, Good Luck, and Manifestation

Alchemy, Rebirth, and Beneficial Destruction

Altered States, Dreams, and Shamanic Journeying

Angels, Spirit Guides, and Other Helpers

Animal Totems, Devas, and Elementals

Body Work, Massage, and Therapeutic Tools (Coming soon.)

Business, Professional Support, and Success

Creativity, Inspiration, and Artistic Expression

Death, Grief, and the Afterlife

Divine Feminine, Masculine, and Sacred Union

Earth Healing, Sacred Sites, and Global Lightwork

Education, Learning, and Knowledge

Elements, Directions, and Planets

Emotional Body Support, Feelings, and Heart Work

Empowerment, Changing Behaviors, and Strength

Energy Body Support, Aura, and Chakras

Energy Body Rectification, Blocks, and Attachments

Energy Work, Long Distance Healing, and Mitigation

Expanded Consciousness, Evolution, and Activation

Family Care, Groups, and Other Relationships

Grounding, Centering, and 3D Integrity

Guidance, Overcoming Obstacles, and Resolution

House Blessing, Sacred Space, and Space Clearing

Integration, Whole Part Relationships, and Wholeness Work

Life Changes, Personal Support, and Growth

Love, Relationships, and Sacred Sexuality

Meditation, Prayer, and Devotion

Mental Body Support, Communication, and Intellect

Past Lives, Ancient Wisdom, and Ancestral Memory

Peace, Relaxation, and Positive Energy

Physical Body Support, Healing, and Well Being

Protection, Sensitivity Management, and Boundaries

Psychic Development, Intuition, and Divination

Purification, Removal, and Banishment

Reiki, Toning, and Other Practice Specific Tools

Sacred Geometry, Lightbody, and the Merkaba

Disclaimer:  These products are not intended to replace the care of a medical or mental health professional.  No scientific or healing claims are made.  The descriptions are philosophical and intuitive in nature and are intended to provide information for individuals interested in the spiritual qualities attributed to them.  The scientific evidence to either prove or disprove the validity of energy work tools and practices is debated.  Always use caution and discernment when working with spiritual tools and consult appropriate health care providers when necessary.  Thank you.



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