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Chakra Aligning & Protection Energy Maintenance Set MDPR010


 Product Description

Chakra Aligning & Protection Energy Maintenance Set
Ammonite & Fossilized Sand Dollar Set


An ammonite is an extinct type of cephalopod whose living cousins include the octopus, cuttlefish, and nautilus. The body of the ammonite was only in last chamber of its shell.  As it grew it constructed new chambers and walled off the old.  A thin organ called a siphuncle (Latin, “little siphon”) connected them all together and was used to maintain their buoyancy. An ammonite shell resembles the subtle body, with its chambers and connective tube.  The chakra system has three main currents, one along the spine and two that wrap around it.  The major and minor chakras are located where they intersect.  This suggests running energy through an ammonite could help regulate the subtle body, balancing and aligning the chakra system. A chakra that is too open or too closed is out of balance. Running energy in a specific direction can help regulate a chakra: out or clockwise to support opening, in or counterclockwise to support closing.

Sand dollar refers to the more flattened species of sea urchins.  The name is derived from the resemblance of their skeletons to a dollar, which originally meant a large silver coin.  Although they are commonly used for prosperity, fossil sea urchins also have historical associations with protection.  For example, collections of them were placed by doorways and windows for good luck in England.  The circular shape, central point, and radiating rays of a sand dollar resemble the floral shape of the chakras.  This suggests running energy through a sand dollar could help regulate the subtle body, balancing and aligning the chakra system.  Since the chakras are the doorways of the subtle body, the protective folklore of sand dollars could also be adapted to shield both the aura or cap individual chakras.

Their energetic signatures suggest that the combination of ammonite and sand dollar is a potent tool to care for the subtle body, keeping it clear, aligned, and balanced.  Their golden to brown color associate them both with spiritual energy (gold = Crown Chakra) and the material world (brown = Root Chakra).  They could be used on individual chakras, the aura, or the subtle body generally.

The ammonites measure approximately 1 1/2 - 1 3/4" long by 1 1/4" - 1 1/2" wide.  The sand dollars measure approximately 1 1/4" - 1 1/2" across.  They weigh approximately 0.10 - 0.13 lbs. as a set. 

You will receive ONE set of one ammonite and one sand dollar.

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