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Lu Xing Labradorite Carving with Wooden Stand (Feng Shui Cure for Career) MDLAB047


 Product Description

Lu Xing Labradorite Carving with Wooden Stand 

Labradorite is a member ofthe feldspar group, a cousin of stones like moonstone, sunstone, and amazonite.  A mixture of related but chemically different minerals separated out as it formed, producing parallel layers inside it.  Light bounces off and between them, producing a play of colors known as schiller.  The word derives from the Old High German scilihen (“to blink, wink, or squint”) because the effect appears and disappears, depending on the orientation of the stone.  This metallic looking flash is typically blue, green, or yellow or more rarely orange, red, and purple.  The name labradorite comes from the Labrador Peninsula, in northeastern Canada, where the mineral was first documented scientifically in the late eighteenth century.

Labradorite is associated metaphysically with intuition, spiritual protection, and aligning the chakra system.  To read more about labradorite, check out Stacie’s blogs here and here.

Lu Xing, also spelled Lu Hsing, is a Chinese deity representing abundance, scholarship, and career success.  He is also known simply as Lu.  His name translates as “the star of emolument (a government salary)”.   He is depicted here as a bureaucrat, with a coiled hat, and a halo.  He holds a sphere in his left hand, representing abundance, and a coin is beneath his foot, signifiying money.  Working in the civil service of the Chinese emperor was a highly competitive, intellectually challenging, and lucrative career historically.  He is one of three star deities (“xing”), associated with the three goals of life: good luck, fame, and longevity.  Lu Xing is associated with the first star of the Big Dipper, symbolizing professional success.

The carving, including its wooden stand, weighs ~2.45 lbs.  The base alone is ~2 1/4" tall, ~5" across, and ~2 3/4" deep.  The carving alone is ~7 3/4" tall, 3 3/4" across, and 1 1/2" deep.  The figure stands ~8 1/2" tall when inside the wooden stand.  

The flash is primarily golden green and blue, with touches of reddish yellow.  While the front is almost entirely flash, the back only has a few patches, which is typical of labradorite.  Labradorite typically has a crazed appearance, with natural fractures, and inclusions of other darker minerals.  The wooden base has some minor issues, like a few chips missing on the prongs and the feet.

The sculpture comes with a gift box for storage.


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