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Madagascan Spectralite Slab, Both Sides Polished, Rough Edges MDLAB036


 Product Description

Madagascan Spectralite Slab, Both Sides Polished, Rough Edges

Spectrolite is the trade name for a rare variety of labradorite that displays a more full color spectrum.  The original deposit was discovered accidentally in Ylamma, in southeast Finland during the 1940’s.  The Finns were blasting rock to make fortifications against a potential Russian invasion during World War II.  The Finnish geologist Aarne Laitakari suggested the name spektrolite for the stone, from the Finnish spektri meaning “spectrum, rainbow”.  It is now more commonly spelled with a “c”.

A similar looking material from Madagascar entered the market during the early 2000’s.  To create a distinction from the Finnish labradorite, it was spelled with an "a" rather than an "o".  Unfortunately the mining operations in Madagascar were recently suspended because the costs became prohibitive.  Because it often displays the entire rainbow, spectralite is considered a "souped-up" labradorite metaphysically.  It is associated with intuitive development, spiritual protection, and aligning the chakras of the energy body.

Both sides of the Madagascan spectralite slab have a flash.  One side is about two thirds greenish gold, transitioning to the oil slick like patterning of spectralite, with neon blues and bright purples.  The other side is golden orange, with a border of yellow, and patch of pink and purple flash at one end.  A spiderweb network of black to pale gray lines cross the surface.  There are a few natural hairline fractures.

To read more about the metaphysical properties of labradorite and spectralite, check out Stacie's blog here.

This particular slab weighs approximately 1.19 lbs. and measures approximately 5/8" X 6 3/4" X 4". 


*Stand is not included.


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