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Medium Shungite Water Charging Tile (~4") MDSG094

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 Product Description

Medium Shungite Water Charging Tile

Shungite is a light weight, silvery black mineraloid, a mineral that lacks a regular crystal structure. It consists primarily of the element carbon. Its name comes from Shun’ga, a village in northwestern Russia, where it was first documented scientifically. The material available in the market today is more technically shungite bearing rock, which varies in the proportion of shungite it actually contains. It may have visible inclusions of pyrite and quartz and other trace elements. Pieces with higher carbon content are more metallic looking and sold under the trade names “silver”, “noble”, or “elite” shungite.

Most geologists believe its carbon originated with prehistoric algae colonies, later transformed from oil shale to shungite by underground heat. Many of the stone’s metaphysical properties derive from this alchemical transformation through the elements. It was an organic material (spirit), produced by aquatic algae colonies (water and air), which was buried underground (earth), and then later exposed to heat from magma (fire). It is commonly used for purification, transmuting heavier energies, and spiritual protection.

Shungite was employed traditionally in Russia for water purification, like activated charcoal today, and springs near the deposit were used medicinally in spas. Many people in the metaphysical community believe shungite, especially shungite purified water, supports physical healing because of these historical associations. Although the practice is popular, one should be very cautious about putting stones directly into drinking water, especially those with unknown and variable chemistry like shungite bearing rock.

Stone tiles are an alternative, non-contact, method for making gem elixirs, the stone equivalent of a flower essence. The water is believed to be imprinted with the energetic qualities of a mineral.

Directions to create a gem elixir with a shungite tile:

1: Place a bottle or glass of water on the tile.
2: Put your hands on the container.
3: Connect to the Divine, your guides, or the spiritual beings that preside over shungite itself, and say, “I request to make a gem elixir. Now, please.”
4: Let the energies run for approximately five minutes. Or longer.
5: Seal the work by saying, “I ask to bless, optimize, stabilize, amplify, and seal this work under the Divine. Now, please.”

Alternatively, the gem elixir can be produced by harnessing moonlight, sunlight, or through direct energy work, like adapting Reiki techniques.

To read more about shungite's metaphysical properties, check out Stacie's popular blog, Shungite Not for Sissies.

We have a small lot of these shungite tiles. This is a stock photo. You will receive ONE shungite tile. They weigh approximately 0.57-0.66 lbs. and measure approximately 4" X 4" X 1/4".

Because the stone is soft, shungite is difficult to carve with exact precision like quartz.  The polished material often has rounded edges, facet like cuts, or slightly skewed geometry.  For example, these tiles are often not truly square.  Most pieces have natural fractures, small voids, or bumpy like “dragon skin” texture on the surface.

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