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Reiki Grid Templates

Reiki Grid Templates

Hexagram Crystal Grid Templates

During the renaissance of crystal grids in the late 1970's to early 1990's, a hexagram shaped template was commonly used, sometimes with a hexagon border.  Grids were primarily quartz oriented at the time.  This shape replicates its six sided geometry, when seen in cross section, and its seven main placements for stones were thought to signify the chakras, just like the edges and point of a crystal.

hexagramhexagon4.jpghexagramnest4.jpgThis template was once better known as a "Star of David" or "Seal of Solomon" grid, after the traditional names for the downward and upward pointing triangles of the hexagram.  It symbolizes the union of opposites like female/male, earth/heaven, and dark/light.  Today it is more commonly called a "Reiki grid" after being popularized for long distance energy work in some branches of that healing modality.

Several versions of this grid are available on our website, some have just lines while others use different shapes that show stone placements. They are saved as PDF files.  Simply click the link and print one off.  These templates and all related information are provided as a service for your personal use and may not be used in any commercial or educational enterprises without our permission. But for your own personal use, copy as many as you would like and grid your heart out. The more, the merrier.


Using the Different Shapes for Stone Placement

Place a stone at the center circle.  Then set six stones on the larger circles and squares along the outside.  Two alternating groups of three may be used instead: one on the large circles and one on the large squares.  These placements outline the two triangles of the hexagram.  An additional six stones may be placed on the large triangles and large stars. Two alternating groups of three stones may be used instead: one on the large triangles and one on the large stars.

Just continue this pattern for the more complicated versions.  I used smaller shapes to show the repeated sequence.  A set of six or two sets of three are placed at each pairing: square and circle, triangle and star.  So many spots are available with radial line grids, they are just represented by a diamond.


Simple Versions


Hexagram with Hexagon

Hexagram with Hexagon and Different Shapes


Nesting Versions

A more complicated version can be created by nesting increasingly smaller hexagrams in the inner hexagon of the larger shape, alternating in their orientation.

Nesting Hexagram

Nesting Hexagram with Different Shapes


Nesting Versions with Radial Lines

A large number of additional points may be created by extending radial lines across the template.

Nesting Hexagram with Radial Lines

Nesting Hexagram with Radial Lines and Different Shapes







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