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Workshop Schedule

Workshop Schedule

metalogo.jpgUpcoming 2016 Workshop Schedule

Workshops are by donation, unless otherwise noted.  However seats are limited.  Individuals who have RSVP'd on our Meetup group WNC Crystal Toting Tree Huggers will be given priority.  For events at the Grove Arcade, please arrive by 4:45 pm. The outside doors are locked by 5 pm on Sundays.

Three Part Planetary Gemstone Series

06/05/16: Sun, Moon, and Mercury
06/26/16: Venus and Mars
07/17/16: Jupiter and Saturn

Enter the Earth, Inside the Grove Arcade 
Cost: Donation

Today's stone books are based on a surprisingly modern rainbow model of the chakras, originating only in the late 1960's. For centuries, gemstones were associated with the planets instead. In this three part series we'll explore planetary energy signatures, often a hidden influence on contemporary metaphysical properties, harnessing astrological events with stones, and energy work techniques based on the connection between the subtle body and the stars.

07/24/16: “Introduction to John of God and Crystal Bed” with Avian Thibault 
4:45pm - 7:30pm: Enter the Earth, Inside the Grove Arcade 
Cost: Donation

Join us for a lovely evening with guest speaker, Avian Thibault, who will be doing a presentation discussing her experiences at the "Casa" in Brazil, where legendary spiritual healer, "John of God", sees thousands of people every year to support their well being. Avian was granted permission to be a keeper of a "Crystal Bed", which is a spiritual technology that uses spiritual helpers and high potency quartz points to initiate powerful vibrational shifts in the system. Avian will bring the Crystal Bed with her to the workshop to allow participants to sample the energies.


08/28/16: “Lithomancy: The Art of Divination with Stones” with Denise Marie
4:45pm - 7:00pm: Enter the Earth, Inside the Grove Arcade. 
Cost: Donation

There are numerous ways to divine wisdom through the mineral kingdom.

If you’re interested in learning how to “Cast the Stones” ” to receive messages from the mineral kingdom you will enjoy this workshop. Our agenda will include such things as: aligning the gemstones to the Chakras, Planets, astrological houses, compass directions and much more. We’ll also be learning how to program the stones to represent the special meanings that we assign to them as well as having some fun with hands on activities.

Denise has studied the tarot for 44 years and has been working with crystals and gemstones for 25 years.

09/25/16: “Feng Shui Bagua Crystal Grids” with Roberta Binder 
4:45pm - 7:30pm: Enter the Earth, Inside the Grove Arcade 
Cost: Donation

One of the tenants of Feng Shui is balancing all aspects of your being and bringing it to peace. This evening we will develop bagua grids promoting balance of physical and emotional health through the use of appropriate crystals. Additionally bagua grid application will be discussed for additional life experiences.


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